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3 Great Website Optimisation tools.

SEO tools

Posted on February 25th, 2016 by David Taplin

There are thousands of great website optimisation tools for all purposes, from keyword analysis and SEO to website speed, link building and analysis tools.

Here are just 3 of our favourites, ones that have been tried and tested and work very well.


Purpose: Keyword Research
Price: FREE trial (packages from $69.95 per month)
Description: SEMRush is a very powerful keyword research and analysis tool that allows you to get a snapshot of your own or your competitor’s website status with regards to everything SEO. It can assess PPC adverts and construction, organic SEO rankings and keyword performance as well as general traffic and key performance statistics. This is a great tool to see what other people are doing online to improve their search engine rankings.
Website: http://www.semrush.com

Xenu Link Sleuth

Purpose: Broken link checker
Price: FREE
Description: This is a free tool that has been around since 2010 and allows you to check the structure of any website to assess whether there are any broken links. It provides a report on whether there were any broken links and where they can be found. It takes images, pages, external and internal links into consideration.
Website: http://home.snafu.de/tilman/xenulink.html


Purpose: An image compression tool
Price: FREE
Description: TinyPNG is a fantastic tool for optimising your website PNG images. It drastically reduces their size but without losing any of the quality! Give it a go, we think you’ll be pretty impressed.
Website: https://www.tinypng.com


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