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How do I change my email Outgoing smtp server using Thunderbird?

Posted on April 17th, 2018 by Tim Ennals

This guide will provide you with detailed instructions to change your email Outgoing smtp server with Thunderbird.

  1. Firstly we will begin by opening your Thunderbird application.
    set up your email
  2. Select ‘Tools’ from the menu bar, then select ‘Account Settings’
  3. Now select ‘Outgoing Server (SMTP)’ and click ‘Edit’
  4. Now enter your email address as the description, then add a ‘2’ to the server name so it reads ‘smtp2.mail.clearhost.co.uk’ and then click ‘OK’
  5. Finally click ‘OK’ on this page, and your Outgoing server address has been changed. To change it back repeat the process and remove the ‘2’ from the server name so it reads smtp.mail.clearhost.co.uk’


Test your email, by sending an email using this link emailtest@myhostingbubble.com and you will receive an email back confirming that your account works.

If your email fails to send, or you do not receive an email back check out our email test page for tips here or review the steps you took above.