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How do I set up email on my Mac using Outlook?


Posted on October 10th, 2017 by Tim Ennals

This guide will provide you with detailed instructions to set up your email with My Hosting Bubble on your Apple Mac with Outlook.

  1. Firstly we will begin by opening your Outlook application and start to set up your email.
  2. At the top left click on ‘Outlook‘ and then ‘Preferences‘.
  3. Next select ‘Accounts‘.
  4. Now click on the image next to ‘E-mail Account‘.
  5. Here you will need to enter the name of your Email address and Passwordonce you have completed this the box expands to what you see below, next we will add the details for your Username, Incoming Mail server and Outgoing Mail Server, please make sure the Account Type is set to ‘IMAP‘, now enter the details for your Incoming Mail Server as imap.myhostingbubble.com, next enter your Outgoing Mail Server details as smtp.myhostingbubble.com, lastly make sure the 2 boxes for ‘Use SSL to connect’ are ticked and then click on ‘Add Account‘.
  6. Outlook has now confirmed your details with the My Hosting Bubble email server, you can now click ‘Red Circle’ to close this window. The setup of your email is now complete.
  7. The account will now show in the left hand column of the Outlook screen, please note it may take a moment for your emails to load on into Outlook.
Watch the technical video guide, and for more tips and other guides please check out our other blogs or visit our YouTube channel and subscribe.


Test your email, by sending an email using this link emailtest@myhostingbubble.com and you will receive an email back confirming that your account works.

If your email fails to send, or you do not receive an email back check out our email test page for tips here or review the steps you took above.


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