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Choosing the right Website Hosting Package for Your Business

Hosting Packages

Posted on December 4th, 2015 by David Taplin

So you’ve either been tasked with, or are in the process of looking for the right website hosting package for your business. Which one do you pick?

Do you go for the cheapest hosting package or the one with all of the bells and whistles?

This article looks to give you a better understanding of the three core offerings that are available on the market and their characteristics, all of which My Hosting Bubble are able to provide.

So what are the different Web Hosting Solutions currently available? Well there are three separate Website Hosting offerings:

So the obvious question is how to work towards getting a website that not only looks good, but gets visitors to your site with a view to getting them to covert to customers.

 1. Shared Website Hosting

Shared Website Hosting is a great place to start when it comes to hosting a basic website. It can be relatively cheap and usually comes kitted out with a comprehensive suite of basic tools to allow you to upload and manage your website on the server.

Even though Shared Website Hosting is cheaper it is at a cost. You will not be the only account using that server to run your website. You may be using the server in conjunction with many other companies or users and this could possibly end up impairing the performance of your own website.

If your business has a small-medium website (for example 10-20 pages or under) and is fairly static, meaning it does not run eCommerce, databases or processor hungry software then shared hosting is a great option to begin with.

If your website is a large, very complex or busy and you need more control of how your website performs, then shared hosting is probably not the best option due to the limiting factors around the servers shared resources.

 Shared Hosting Benefits  Shared Hosting Drawbacks
 Very affordable Hosting Solution  Shared resources with other accounts
 Already comes set-up for you  May not be very scalable
 Great for small-medium simple sites  Not great for large, complex websites

2. Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is a step up from Shared Hosting for several reasons. A VPS is geared much more around giving the user more control of the server and its capabilities.

The capability and scalability of the VPS Hosting is also much better than a Shared Hosting option due to the fact that there are fewer accounts utilising certain resources. An unmanaged VPS may need a bit of technical knowledge if you are required to run, install or maintain the server’s platform, but there are usually managed options available as well.

A VPS is slightly more expensive than a Shared Hosting option however the benefits of being able to control slightly more of the platform as well as a significant improvement in all round performance is a great reason to upgrade to this option.

  Virtual Private Server Benefits   Virtual Private Server Drawbacks
  Much more control over the server   Slightly more expensive
  Better Performance   Requires some technical knowledge
  More scalable than Shared Hosting   Elements are still shared on the server

3. Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is top of the stack in terms of performance, flexibility and scalability however it is also the most expensive of the 3 hosting options.

The analogy is that if a Shared Hosting package is an apartment that you share with, other people, then a Dedicated Hosting package is a standalone house that you own and are not affected by anyone else.

There are many variations of Dedicated Hosting, from managed to unmanaged with a vast range of server specs to choose from or pick and choose as required.

  Dedicated Hosting Benefits   Dedicated Hosting Drawbacks
  Gives you Full Control of the Hosting   Most Expensive Server option
  Supreme Performance and Speed   Requires you to maintain the platform
  Complete Flexibility of the Management   Possible additional support costs


My Hosting Bubble offer all 3 options in various different flavours, please get in touch with us to find out more.


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