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What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated Server

Posted on December 4th, 2015 by David Taplin

Unlike other commonly used hosting services such as shared, dedicated hosting (also known as dedicated servers) are powerful, high spec, standalone computers that allow the account user or hosting customer to use the platform without being effected by other customers. This is unlike shared hosting whereby other customer’s websites and files are placed on the same cluster of servers and all end up using the same set of server resources.

A shared environment is heavily restricted by the available bandwidth, memory, and storage space due to the nature of the set-up, whereas the dedicated hosting platform allows the customer to actually lease a part of the server for their own use, giving them the advantage of unaffected space, bandwidth and resource.

The dedicated server can come managed or un-managed, either way it remains in the actual data centre, however managed gives the customer all of the benefits of a dedicated platform but without the need to manage and support the machine at a granular day to day level. The unmanaged however, allows the customer to actually get right down to the software layer to configure and support the server exactly how they would like to.

Dedicated hosting is ideal for websites that are expecting particularly large volumes of traffic or are very resource hungry in terms of usage or throughput. Medium, large or complicated database driven websites would benefit from the dedicated hosting due to the increased security, speed, flexibility and scalability.

Just some of the pros and cons of using dedicated hosting are listed below:

 Shared Hosting Benefits  Shared Hosting Drawbacks
 Gives you Full Control of the Hosting  Most Expensive Server option
 Supreme Performance and Speed  Requires you to maintain the platform
 Complete Flexibility of the Management  Possible additional support costs


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