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Why is Good Content so important?

Good Content

Posted on January 31st, 2017 by David Taplin

There has been a huge push on getting your content looking and sounding right on websites and Social Media over the past 5 years, but why?

There is a well-known saying within the Online Marketing industry, and that is that ‘Content is King’, but why is this the case? Well this article looks to explain some of the key reasons you should spend more time thinking about creating and posting great quality, unique content.

1. Engaging People

Creating and posting good quality content should be an integral part of any business marketing strategy. By posting or using interesting and engaging content either on your website or via Social Media, you will find that potential clients will be much more likely to interact with you and actually stay on your website or even go on to transact with you.

Keeping visitors interested in what you have to say online is a tough ask, as users do not tend to read a great deal online unless they need to. However with carefully placed, well thought out and selective paragraphs of well positioned text, visitors will be guided around your website or engaged with your post.

2. Great for SEO purposes

Since Google updated its search engine ranking algorithm to ‘Panda’ back in 2011, it has become much more important to create quality unique content. Not only will Search Engines respect the fact that you have generated your own unique content but they will rank your website higher if you have used varied, relevant content with an appropriate ratio of keywords with the text itself.

3. Guides users around your Website

Content on your website can be a very powerful thing if harnessed properly with the user journey in mind. You can use well positioned and appropriately worded content to guide the visitors around your website to great effect.

This doesn’t mean the visitor has no other way to travel around the website other than following text or reading the content, but to provide content in a way they can refer to if required. This enables you to set them up for the next step or action in their journey with you, for example you may be guiding them to ultimately, download a document, complete a form, buy a product or sign-up to a newsletter, well-crafted and positioned content can guide your visitor to this end point.

4. Galvanises Users to take action

As mentioned in the point above, it is a good idea to give potential customers a reason to take action, whether it’s to download, view, read, sign or buy. So what better way to do this, than to guide them with quality content and text references throughout the site and alongside other techniques.

5. Brand Awareness

Probably one of the most valuable reasons to generate and post great content is to spread and improve your brand awareness. If what you are simply posting interesting content then the least that will happen is you will obtain followers, likes and start building a base of clients willing to listen. If researched and executed properly however, content can become a viral tool that starts to spreads like wildfire.

So what are you waiting for, get writing some great content and let people benefit from it!

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