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Who are Nominet and what do you they do?


Posted on March 7th, 2017 by David Taplin

Nominet UK are a United Kingdom based, non-profit organisation that manage the Registry of all .uk Domain Names, basically if you need a .uk ccTLD then this is the company that will be dealing with the registration of it.

Some of the .uk domains managed by Nominet are:

• .uk
• .co.uk
• .org.uk
• .net.uk
• .ltd.uk
• .plc.uk
• .me.uk
• .sch.uk

They were founded in 1996 and superseded the ‘Naming Committee’ and were set up due to the sheer amounts of registrations being requested. Nominet now comprise of over 3000 internet minded shareholders that operate and contribute to the running of the company.

As well as the .uk domain names they also act as the registration company for the following domain names:

• .cymra
• .wales
• .bbc
• .bentley
• .comcast
• .telecity
• .xfinity

Nominet now hold well over 20,000,000 .uk domain names making it the second largest registrar company in the world.

As well as the registration of domains, Nominet also deals with disputes about registrations of domain names which may involve mediating the relationships and issues between parties and the ownerships of the UK based domain names.

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